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Guild Meeting Januray 2107

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Guild Meeting Januray 2107

Post by Rojay on Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:29 pm

Primordial Arcane Sovereigns is moving in a new path to our growth and development. Each Month we will meet to discuss how we are gonna travel that path and what to expect.

Here are the highlights and our new Guild Regulations that is required for all members to follow:

1.Guild Attendance A roster will be made to document our most active and supportive members who partakes in any of our guild related activities that will be scheduled within the months. Such as Monthly Guild Meeting,Guild Missions,any Dynamic/Seasonal events. Absent for 3 consecutive times without notifications to any of the events will result in a written warning. Following the warning and no change to attendance then you will be kicked from the guild.
New members who join will also be required to join in on these events especially during their trial period.
Why all this? because I want core members and not numbers on a roster

2. New official Teamspeak server All activities will be conducted through it. For WvW we will use the Crystal Desert server if we are running open raids. This is now a requirement for all members, If for some reasons you cant use Teamspeak, then please let me know.

3. Active recruiting for Guild Officers and Members. All can recruit. Our Major guild requirement are for members to be active, helpful, and to join our Guild Forum/Teamspeak.
Interested officers are to msg me

-Seeking those interested for raids. Once we have all 10 members, then we will set a date and time

-WvW raids, we will be running tagged up if possible on whenever night we can

-Doing Daily Teq/Fractals/PvP cheese for daily golds.

-Silverwaste runs on Weekends.

Guild Tournament!! Our first tournament will kick off on February 11,2016. If u wanna join for gold/Prizes sign up on Tournament Roster. More details will be posted

Guild Hall
Need Flax Fibers/Elder Wood/Mithril ore/Cured Leather squares.
Any gold/silver/copper in guild bank will be appreciated

**A new Guild site is under construction at, feel free to check it out.

If anyone has any questions feel free to msg Rojay/Lar.
I thank you for you continual support as we make the best of our Guild
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