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Guild Regulation

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Guild Regulation

Post by Rojay on Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:32 pm

Primordial Arcane Sovereigns is a PvX Guild that focus on all aspects of Gw2. In doing so there are certain requirements that we seek from our members and general regulations we wish of them to follow, they are as follows:

  • No DISCRIMINATION against any member based on Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation and Country of Origin.
  • Follow the basic rules of ArenaNet such as no scamming, or any other illegal activities within the game.
  • No stealing or emptying the Guild bank for own personal use.
  • No transferring of items from our Guild bank to any other Guild or from any other guild to ours.
  • No recruiting of our members to join other Guilds without the Guild Leader being notified and an agreement was made
  • No chat spamming, Trolling or discriminating against members or other players of the game
  • No posting of any NSFW items on Guild Website/Social services
  • Inactive members for 1 month without notice will be kicked
  • Non particive/ Non-Supportive in anyway possible will be kicked. We want Members and not numbers who don't event talk with us

    What we require:

  • 100% Representation when we rolling out together
  • Participation ┬áin Guild Missions.
  • Just be there to assist each other in any way possible.
  • A safe, comfortable, fun and relaxing yet productive zone for all members
  • Warm greeting to any new member who joins us

We are here to assist each other and progress as we grow and play together, so Never hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Our Home:
Our Guild Hall is our Home and it's use is for everyone. Guild upgrades are possible by depositing of materials and completing of Guild Missions, as such a great emphasis on Guild Mission is necessary. You can check the Guild Message board for certain materials that are in high demand to completer a Guild upgrade. You can also deposit other materials that are needed in Treasury. If you are unable to refine or the item/s arent available in Treasury, then feel free to deposit in the Guild Bank.
Certain items are made by scribes such as decorations, banners and WvW tactic, they are generally costly to create and a great deal of appreciation is given to anyone who takes up that task. However leveling our Guild Hall also makes it possible for those who wishes to level their Scribe, as most of items made will be deposit to the Guild Storage for our use.

Guild Website

Our Guild Forum is open to all members. Feel free to post and comment on builds and any discussion/thread here. Our forum will be a main hub of information and central point of decision making.
Adding clips and pictures and any other fun thread is highly appreciated.

As we look ahead on our growth, we want to progress further and be great at what we are doing and be able to progress in our own personal game play. We are always open to any new ideas as we continue to make new legends and climb to the top in all that we do.
Never hesitate to mail/message on any of our services the Guild Leader or an Officers with any queries,complaint or suggestions.

Primordial Arcane Sovereigns thanks all existing members for their contribution and support towards our growth thus far and welcome all new members as we pave our way to greatness.
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