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Officers Regulation

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Officers Regulation

Post by Rojay on Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:34 pm

Primordial Arcaine Sovereigns [PAS]
                          Officer Regulation

In accepting the role of an  Sovereign Officer there are certain ground rules and regulations that one must abide by. The regulations are here to set a foundation for our Guild and to establish a certain level of order and discipline, to improve our growth and development. As an extension of the Guild Leader the Guild maintenance should be in your best interest. Basic rules are as follow:

  • Officer must have access to either of our voice server such as Teamspeak and Discord. Mic is highly recommended.
  • Participation in Guild Events
  • General courtesy towards all members
  • Being open to assist other members in any aspect of game to the best of your ability.
  • Able to take constructive criticism
  • Willingness to learn and lead

Roles and Permissions.

Officers will have various privileges such as Mission Control, Team formation and WvW claims and access to Guild storage.
Discretion is required when utilizing any of these service granted.

WvW Tactics are to be used sparingly and only on instance when we will have a strong presence on map to oversee the proper usage and that our objective is completed.  Usage of Guild crafted sieges are to be used on our schedule night runs, to ensure that they are used accordingly and being refreshed while on map.Officers who tags up to lead pugs or members are to be respective of all players and be supportive of other commanders/Guilds. Officers will have various Crystal Desert Teamspeak control and as such, following the server's regulations is mandatory

PvP Team Control is used for PvP Guild Missions and any Unraked matches we may do as a team.Control of our custom arena will be granted so that members can benifit from our Daily cheese or to be utilized for training.As we operate as a guild and be good at it we can create a good and lasing reputation for our guild.

Guild Mission Guild Mission grants favor for our Guild upgrades and provide Guild Commendations for each member that participates which can be used to purchase ascended trinkets,Guild siege etc. So it's important that we get most of them when we can. To ensure all members get guild Missions benefit, we set a specific date and time for all to be there. However missions can be done as many time as possible, however members can only get the Rewards once. So if on off nights when others wish to have Missions done then Officers can activate them. Some Mission require at least 3 or more members who are representing to get it done.

Guild kick and Ranking- After 1 week of trial and members have met our general requirements they may be promoted. A full detail of Ranks are here

Events Planning and organizing events are always recommended. We will have specific dates and time in which we can meet as a council to discuss ideas and make plans to pave the ways ahead for our Home. So any ideas are always welcome.

In growth and development a sound mind is required as we focus on our goals ahead.. So lets join forces and make the best of our Guild and maintain our Dominance and Power
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