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Fresh Air Condi Tempest

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Fresh Air Condi Tempest

Post by Rojay on Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:57 am

So after recent patch condi elementalist got stronger, so I decided to try hybrid tempest build for PvE. It mixes high burning with fresh air bursts. Gear is almost full Vipers, few berserker's mixed in for ferocity. You can mix more berserkers gear for that extra ferocity if you can afford losing condi dmg and duration. Warhorn can be changed to dagger, it's perfectly viable option too. Remember to change trait Imbued Melodies off if you choose dagger over warhorn. I decided to pick up Superior Sigil of Air and Superior Sigil of Bursting, but Air can be changed to force and Bursting can be changed to Smoledring for 20% burning duration. Healing skill, "Feel The Burn" utility skill and elite skill can be changed if wanted to. Remember to use Glyph of Elemental Power only on fire for those burning stacks. If you decide to take Glyph of Storms you can use it for nice burning stacking AoE or crazy blind storm (on earth). Here's the link for the build:[/quote_post12821350]
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