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Art of Silverwaste

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Art of Silverwaste

Post by Rojay on Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:33 pm

Silverwaste is a Meta Map event that has 3 stages. Stage 1: circle map in a RIBA rotation and defend camps/forts. Doing this properly can increase the spawn of 3 legendary that are 1 Central Tyria mastery point. 2nd Stage: Breach- each fort opens a huge hole in center and you have to enter it to defeat one of Mordemoth Champion within a time limit. If breach isn't completed stage 3 which is Vinewrath still goes on, the only difference is the forr with the unbeaten champ is covers in a position fog that does damage.. Stage 3: Vinewrath. Players break off and fight 3 section of the map North,Mid and South. Thode bosses are fought in a rotation. South then Mid then then North. The mechanics is Melee classes to South, Clasess with Reflects to Mid and Range to North. After all 3 are defeated then the meta ends and you can either collect chest or do the labyrinth which is another form of minin event that's a bit tricky.
Now after doing all that running around and killing for hours, what do you do with your bags for maximum profit??? Simple.. Salvage all, refine and sell the mats. However there is a trick to it. By salvageing the mats on a toon of low lvl and refine and sell the mats you can make more money, since low lvl crafting mats cost more than level 80 mats.
Here is a link that shows you the required level for gaining profits from mats
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